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Hello there

Welcome to my virtual gallery, home to my finest graphical creations since 2001. On the main page and in the portfolio you will find a fair share of illustrations, commissioned paintings, and personal works. These include quick snapshots and nifty energetic doodles that were created swiftly, but also carefully crafted paintings and videos.

For those who like to label, my style is best summarized as psychedelic minimalistic expressionism, with a tendency towards abstract postmodernism. Or more plainly; colorful compositions of critters, landscapes, and absurd scenes, usually drawn out in bold black lines.

Material & technique

The digital compositions are usually based on old fashioned paper drawings, using markers and brushes and the like. These are scanned and enriched with photographic textures, digital paint, and an arsenal of filters and effects. A few these digital works have been adapted for t-shirt silk screen printing.

Analogue paintings are brought to life using graffiti and acrylic paint, mostly on canvas or panel. Often drips are added on purpose, and during the last stage details are often carved in the top paint layers.


Are you considering commissioning a painting or illustration? Or would you like to use one of my images for your website or publication? The latter is usually not an issue, provided that it is for non-commercial use, and that a link or reference to my site is included.

For these and all other existential questions, please send a mail to info@jasperskunst.com.

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